Software Architect

Serial Tech Entrepreneur

A technology enthusiast working as a developer and architect for startups developing digital products and platforms. Always curious in exploring how new technologies could be applied to solve complex problems and generate business advantage. A true believer that real progress is when society benefits from your contribution and strongly believes that digital platforms are a great example of bringing that positive impact on the ecosystem. Regular speaker of Blockchain and Machine Learning across West Europe and open source contributor to multiple projects such as Hyperldeger Fabric and Indy. Currently exploring quantum computing applicaton in business.


Software Architecture

Experience in developing modern, reslient, secure and scalable architechture using Javascript, Python, 12 factor apps, TDD and clean code/ architecture principles.

Software Development

18 years experience developing software in PHP, React, Node and Python. Developed multiple SaaS applications for customers in North America, Europe and Australia.


Architected and developed decentralised applicatons using Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Hyperledger Fabric, Hadoop (HDFS) & AWS Quantum Ledger Database.

Machine Learning

Developed machine learning applications using Decision Support System, Collective Intelliegence and Neural network solution based on semantics, and ontology.


Notable Projects