Papers & Publications


June 2021 - Present
Blockchain Interoperability & NFT Solutions
Whitepaper & Advisor

Blockchain Projects Analysis - 2021
Advisor & consultant to multiple companies that are developing NFT based solution for their users in various domains such as sustainability (Rabobank - and music (Qult you NFT -

June 2021 - Present
Digitisation of Maritime Industry

Authored the "Digitisation of Maritime industry" chapter on the needs and benefits of applying Circular Economy principles and digital platform best practices to enable transparent, efficient, and secure data and information exchange along the value chain.

March 2021 - Present
HRIS Data Strategy
HR Portal Whitepaper

Data strategy for Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)
Canopy represents a new "data first" approach to HR technology where HR data is centralised into an inter-operable platform. Putting HR in control of its data by automated integration capabilities using immutable records and machine learning.

Jan 2020 - Present
Semantic Web
Platform Whitepaper

Semantic web for Circular Economy
Excess Materials Exchange (EME) is a digital facilitated marketplace powered by emerging technologies where companies can exchange any excess materials and products to actively match supply and demand and materials with their highest-value reuse opportunity.

Pro Bono Consulting


Aug 2018 - Present
Hyperledger Blockchain
Open Source Contributor

Hyperledger Blockchain Platform
Contributed to the code of Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Indy solutions developed by Linux foundation. Actively participated in self sovereign identity framework for Hyperledger and speaker at multiple events in Netherlands, Denmark, France and Germany.

Nov 2020 - Present
Collective Intelligence
Open Source Contributor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
An active Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) minds and tech speaker - Artificial and Collective Intelligence data platforms. He was recently recognised by MIT for artificial and collective intelligence solutions in new and changing business models.

April 2020 - Present
Digital Battery Platform
Technology Advisor

World Economic Forum - Global Battery Alliance
Lead architect and technology advisor for Global Battery Alliance (GBA), a public-private collaboration platform of 70 organizations to help establish a sustainable battery value chain . Contributed on platform strategy technology selection and white paper.